The marvelous magician Houdini

So I’m sure a lot of you have heard of this rather dapper looking man, or at the very least have heard the name Harry Houdini, but I feel like when it really comes to this persons life, not many really know a whole lot. I’m going to go right on ahead and just skip past the whole ’eminent came too quickly’ and the similar ’eminent already?’ parts of my posts to get right into the cold hard facts.

Houdini isn’t actually his real name, his real name is Erik Weisz and if you want to be really technical about it, he was never actually a true magician. He was an escape artist, with great amounts of ties to stage magic, both because of those tricks he used to fill time before his escape finales, and because of his clever talent when it came to exposing tricks of magicians of his time. More about him, he’s originally from Budapest, Hungary. He did a lot more than just magic, in fact he was actually a writer, who wrote the odd fiction novel, and a large number of books/articles that targeted his direct entertainment competition. He also, in his later years bought a movie producing company.

As for why I chose Houdini as my eminent person this year? Well, I have more than a few reasons. The first, and probably the biggest is the fact that later on this year, I plan to do magic for the In-Depth project (assuming of course I can find a mentor) so I figured it wouldn’t be terrible to introduce myself to the vast realm as early as I possibly could.

I also find that Houdini was really able to not only set his mind on his goals, but to be an excellent multi-tasker, both in life as an overall aspect, and in smaller, more specific situations as well. I feel like I as a person could greatly benefit from building both those aspects in myself.

I know personally from last year that eminent can be a pretty daunting task, and although I’m currently still looking¬†at the project like this

I’m hopeful that this year I’ll not only be more motivated to do well in eminent, but that I’ll actually be able to properly manage my time, in order to do it all according to due dates as well (unlike last year, and unlike this post). SO I know I’m not exactly off to a great start with this particular project, but I still really have to say, I’m looking forward to Night of the Notables this year. Breaking out of handcuffs, on stage, in front of a bunch of alumni, teachers, and parents, while doing a speech? Sounds fun….

In closing, I have a lot of work coming up with this project, and I know that but I’m still looking forward to it all. I feel like I had a decent eminent person last year, but I definitely can already tell I’m going to be more fond of Mr. Houdini here. Maybe that’ll be all it takes to actually keep me on task. Either way, and no matter what happens from here on out the TALONS Eminent project has finally begun and I feel like that’s something to cheer about.¬†

Now, lets get to work.